#169 – Weiner Hunter Biden Time

That's right. We get into a little laptop bingo. Tomorrow marks the beginning of the high satanic holidays advertised by zionists as a call to war. But when we look deeper, we see it was zionism that did more to hurt people than anyone else. If satanists have to worship Saturn. If Luciferians have to worship Venus. Zionists worship zion. So why is one holy and the other two evil? Perhaps we need these two scapegoats to make us feel better about zionism. Salacious wins the race. Preorder my new book: https://www.jtrue.com/blog/best-apocalypse-ever-preorder Buy my Books: https://www.jtrue.com/blog/all-four-books
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Original source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_URtFRPWpw

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