2014: JB Handley and Other Readers Saw Through The CDC “Whistleblower”

JB Handley on “The Doctors,” 2009

JB Handley doesn’t always get it right, but he is never afraid to speak his mind. He always says what he means, for better or for worse. In the case of CDC employee and “whistleblower” William Thompson, Handley and other readers of Autism Investigated saw through the schtick even before Thompson released his since-removed statement in 2014. Just recently, Autism Investigated revealed that the statement was quietly taken down in 2017. Back in 2014, Handley wasn’t ready to buy the “CDC whistleblower” story when it first came out. He made that clear in his below comment on Autism Investigated at the time:

Chris Rock does a great piece about people braggin’ about doing stuff they’re supposed to do. He gives an example, something to the effect of “I take care of my kids” to which Rock replies, “You’re supposed to take care of your kids, you $%^#!!”

I feel the same way about this “whistleblower.” I’m tired of hearing how stressed, troubled, and silent he is. Speak up, man! Your choice to not do the right thing for over a decade and then finally do the right thing does not win a lot of points from me. He was supposed to take care of OUR KIDS, and he sat on the shit for YEARS!!

IMO, your piece and this whole angle appears childish to me, trying to play gotcha with Andy. I have no idea what Andy Wakefield and this whistleblower did/didn’t agree to, although Andy makes it quite clear that he had permission to out him.

At the end of the day, I could care less. If Andy outed the whistleblower without his permission,, so what? That’s not the story. The story is the story: CDC employees being told to manipulate outcomes to hide the vaccine-autism relationship. I’m guessing Andy’s goal here is for FEWER CHILDREN TO GET AUTISM. Heck, maybe the whistleblower has been dragging his feet for years (I’m not an insider on this whole thing, just an exuberant bystander)….maybe Andy felt it was now or never? It doesn’t matter, what matters is the facts.

I’m disgusted by the amount of infighting our community is demonstrating in the public realm. Frankly, with only limited time and energy, it’s turned me off from being very public the last 18 months. If I read your archives, have you beat me up, too? You seem to have a big brain and lots of passion, any chance you can re-direct it towards the real bad guys?



Handley was in good company, as many readers had already appeared in the comments of Autism Investigated to opine on “the whistleblower.” Barry – another prominent reader – had the following to say:

My child was born in 2003. He was born perfectly healthy, and was ahead of every developmental milestone up to around the age of 1.

At 14 months, he received his first MMR vaccine. At 21 months, he received his second MMR. By 24 months of age, my perfectly healthy son was gone.

If I had known back in 2003, what this guy decided to hide from me, my son would never have received an MMR vaccine. And he would not have an autistic label today.

It took 11 years, and an FOIA inquiry to make this guy grow a conscience. That’s way to little, way too late for me. And he’s not exactly telling us anything that we don’t already know.

So you’ll have to understand Jake, that I’m not in the mood to hold a parade for him.

After Autism Investigated responded to Barry’s comment, JB Handley replied by eviscerating Autism Investigated:

I think they call this “self-serving biased moralism”

Equally, I had the right to vaccinate my child with full knowledge of the risks I was incurring. But, Thompson’s cowardice (along with that of his colleagues) prevented me from doing that.

You’ve chosen to draw a line that serves your interest of fighting with Andy, but subjective moralism applied in the self-serving manner as yours does here is not helping any kids.


JB Handley knew to remove the word “respectfully” when he concluded that comment. Before Handley and Barry left any comments, longtime reader John Best left a long comment that began with these two prophetic sentences:

As usual, there is no whistleblower. This is just another bit of psychological warfare designed to make the whole autism community look foolish, especially Brian Hooker. [whom Thompson first contacted]

Best concluded his comment with some advice for Dr. Brian Hooker:

I hate to conclude that Brian Hooker has been corrupted but perhaps he has been fooled. Our 100% corrupt government would certainly go to great lengths to discredit someone with Brian’s reputation. Perhaps he will consider my words here and rethink his support for this obviously bogus garbage from an alleged whistleblower.

The next day, Best wrote:

The “whistleblower” and the CDC are laughing at everyone who believes their BS.

Days after John Best left these comments, Dr. Hooker’s study of data from a 2004 paper Thompson claimed to be a “whistleblower” on was suddenly pulled from the internet by the publisher. Dr. Hooker’s paper was deleted on the same day Thompson released his later-removed statement through his attorney. One month after that, Dr. Hooker’s study was retracted.

If the CDC wasn’t laughing at us after its deletion, they sure were laughing at us after the retraction.

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