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The other day, I used the term "panarchy" and caught some of my listeners off guard. It's time to explore the difference between being free to choose and being forced to choose between artificially limited options when it comes to your governance. If you want a down and dirty explanation of the blessings of panarchy, no one explains it more succinctly than Paul Rosenberg.

Look around you and you'll notice that people in authority are panicking. Not because of the latest Covid varient (although that's the excuse they're using) but because they know their power over the public is waning. This is why the media drumbeat of fear is intensifying by the minute. Paul Krause makes a timely plea that we don't let them scare our freedoms away.

As much as I'm tempted to pound the pulpit and start thundering, I get the sense that this is the time to speak as calmly and carefully as possible about the latest variant. That's when I'm grateful for writers like Daisy Luther, who notes that Omicron is a perfectly timed variant to scare the unruly back into submission.

We all have bad habits. My least favorite bad habit is that I swear. After reading Annie Holmquist's latest essay on pushing the pause button on profanity, my resolve to do better is renewed.

The idea that the U.S. is becoming more like the former Soviet Union while Russia is reclaiming its Christian heritage is a difficult thought for some to consider. Anthony Esolen points out some of the hard truths about how our enemies wait as we destroy ourselves.

Like most people who aren't looking for an excuse to riot and run feral, I was relieved when Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted. There are some lessons to be learned from his experience and one of the biggest ones is outlined by attorney George Parry, who warns Kyle–and the rest of us–about the dangers that he still faces.

This essay by Margaret Anna Alice is going to make some folks SUPER uncomfortable. It made me hold my breath, and I actually agree with most of what she says in it. Check out her letter to an agree-to-disagree relative about why she's willing to speak out, even if it makes people squirm and look away.

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