2021 July 19 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


Truth is not something given to us by authority figures. We have to be able to figure it out for ourselves. That's worth keeping in mind as we see an unapologetic push to eliminate dissent from the public square. Dave McGrogan asks, "Is the state your single source of truth?"

If there's one clear lesson that has been learned over the past year and a half, it's that the authoritarians assuring us that "We're all in this together" were actually in it for themselves. John Tierney explains how fear-mongering from journalists, scientists and politicians did more harm than the coronavirus did.

Power-hungry government officials aren't about to let the Covid crisis end. Brad Polumbo points out how their chanting in unison about the delta variant is just another excuse to impose more control over the populace.

Allan Stevo always has something worth considering. His latest essay warns to beware of the modernizers. These are the folks who take what could be a blessing and they use it to squeeze control out of others. This is such a powerful read.

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