2021 November 16 The Bryan Hyde Show

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Revel in Wrongthink


Open wide, Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos is dropping by to administer our weekly reality supplement.

Out of all of the things that are dividing us, there's only one difference that really matters: Do you support coercion over persuasion? Brandon Smith does a fantastic job of explaining how leftists support tyranny, and conservatives do not. This appears to be true at all levels of the political pyramid.

If you have ever felt like less because you don't have lots of money, you're not alone. Take a deep breath and consider how you define wealth. Collette from the Frugalite has a thoughtful essay about the many ways a person's wealth can be measured. You might just discover that you're richer than you thought.

Despite what politicians may tell you at election time, you have few friends in Washington D.C. Doug Bandow frames the situation plainly and accurately, whose life is it anyway? Politicians should stop claiming our futures as their own.

If, by chance, you are one of the brave few who have resisted the vax mandates, it's likely you're finding yourself having regular conversations with the people around you who don't understand why. Lisa Boothe has written out a principled and direct explanation of why she's not vaccinated. It may not change anyone's mind but it's a very reasonable explanation.

It's not exactly a secret that much of the legacy media leans hard to the left. It's also no secret that the left hates Kyle Rittenhouse with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns. Scott Hounsell spells out the real reason that the left hates this young man so much. It's because he showed the world exactly why a person might need an AR-15.

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