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Revel in Wrongthink


I tried, and failed, to strictly regulate my food consumption for Thanksgiving day. However, I did manage to give some serious thought to what it means to be thankful. Barry Brownstein has another great essay on transforming our ingratitude into gratitude.

Just how important is a sense of gratitude? Daisy Luther reminds us that the more unstable things become, the more important it is to appreciate what you already have.

Pay close attention to the kinds of things that command your attention. Are you more focused on the personalities and issues in the news or with improving yourself and your understanding of the world? Alex R. Knight III says to conserve your sympathies and fight your own battles if you want to have impact.

One of the most positive things we can do for ourselves is to learn to be less enemy-driven in our thinking. Kent McManigal reminds us that the other side isn't what's evil. It's what's in our own hearts that needs our strongest efforts.

One of the surest ways that we can recognize how quickly our liberty is dwindling is when free speech comes under direct attack. Jonathan Turley clues us in on how the Aspen Institute has created a commission of 16 individuals whose job is to fight "information disorder." If you're a truth-seeker, you'll want to know about this.

Right on cue, as the prevailing Covid narrative begins to fall apart like a soup sandwich, another variant is being touted by the narrative managers. Joakim Book reviews some of the key lessons learned over the past couple of years regarding the race to win Covidfinity.

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