2021 October 1 The Bryan Hyde Show

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Revel in Wrongthink


What mass media is saying about the results of the Arizona election audit isn't surprising. What's astonishing is how little they're saying. Michael Kimmet has some of the crucial information that the press is leaving out regarding the audit. This wasn't about trying to unseat Biden, it was about finding inconsistencies, irregularities and potential manipulation in the election.

For a principled take on free speech and independent thought, it's hard to beat Jon Rappoport. His essay "Dangerous Speech vs. Free Speech; mobs of ignoramuses" is one of the best things you'll read this week.

Most of us have been pretending that things are okay economically for a long time. But could our situation be reaching a critical mass? Charles Hugh Smith says the market crash that nobody thinks is possible is coming. Would you rather brace for impact or be blindsided?

The peaceful remedy to unjust laws is for a jury to nullify those laws when someone is being prosecuted for breaking them. Kirsten Tynan from the Fully Informed Jury Association has an excellent explanation of what jury nullification is and what it isn't.

Taxing the rich is the path of least resistance for opportunistic politicians. However, as Kent McManigal notes, this practice also penalizes the productive and discourages them from creating value for others.

As the global balance of power continues to shift, it's wise to keep an eye on what's happening geopolitically. Pat Buchanan zooms out to give us the details on the bigger picture. He says the eclipse of Europe has begun as power is shifting to Asia.

People who don't know their history have more in common with a small child than they might realize. Both are dependent upon someone else to tell them what to think. Paul Rosenberg discovered the hidden side of history and shares what he learned about how history books are written.

There's a lot of effort these days to punish and shame the non-compliant, especially when it comes to the Covid vaccine. Brandon Smith makes a strong case for red states to offer sanctuary to those businesses, military and medical personnel who will not comply.


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