2021 October 14 The Bryan Hyde Show

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


In spite of all the instability we see around us, there are individuals who give me authentic hope for the future. 3rd generation Nevada rancher Jared Sorenson is one of those people. He is a textbook example of living with purpose. He's also the author of a book titled: "Searching For Home: Finding Grace"

The people are reaching the limits of their patience with government demands. Jeffrey A. Tucker wonders if a breaking point is at hand and asks if we are seeing the possibility of a general strike. Tucker does an admirable job of summing up what is unfolding before us.

Would you have stood up for the Jews as they were being marginalized and persecuted in 1938? The answer to that question can be found in whether or not you are standing up for the unvaccinated today. Paul Rosenberg lays out how official persecution is being normalized and how those would won't stand up for the persecuted today, wouldn't have done it then either.

One of the great failures of collectivism is that it treats us all as mere objects instead of respecting our remarkable individuality. Kent McManigal explains how the best survival strategy for a society, a civilization, or a species is to let people try different things.

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