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Revel in Wrongthink


One of the biggest blessings of our current crises is that they have brought forward individuals who are willing to answer the calling to step up and be a source of light and courage. Allan Stevo is one of the brightest sources out there. His latest column explains how to decouple your life from the people trying to assume control of it.

Not to sound dramatic but of all the challenges we're facing at the moment, one of the toughest for me is knowing who to believe and what numbers can be trusted. For instance, The Atlantic (hardly a far-right media source) is beginning to point out that our most reliable pandemic number is losing meaning after a major study shows asymptomatic and mild cases of Covid are being admitted to hospitals.

Here's another example of the numbers appearing to have been cooked, and generously seasoned with fear, by the Centers for Disease Control. Dr. Joseph Mercola points out how, shockingly, the CDC is now listing vaccinated deaths as unvaccinated. Why would they do this?

I've long maintained that politics poisons whatever it touches. A good example of what this looks like can be seen in how the mingling of medicine with politics is laying the groundwork for medical-based tyranny. Jeff Minnick explains how politics is killing medicine.

Actions really do speak louder than words. Especially when the elite keep insisting that we do what they tell us or else. Glenn Greenwald has an excellent article on the recent Met gala where masked servants tended to the needs of the unmasked elite. And he warns that this is the shape of things to come.

What is the real purpose of government? The way a person answers this question will offer real insight into their understanding of the principles and practices of liberty. J.D. Tuccille observes that whatever government is good at doing, most Americans agree that it's doing a terrible job of protecting their civil liberties.

With the unprecedented power grab taking place virtually everywhere right now, keep an eye out for any attempts to further limit or outlaw the exercise of the right to keep and bear arms. Gabriella Hoffman points out a growing threat to undermine the Second Amendment's restrictions on government power by going after firearms-related websites.

Keeping your head in the midst of widespread panic isn't easy. Politicians understand this and they know that every crisis spells opportunity to consolidate more power over the populace. Kent McManigal warns that the U.S. may be one panic away from disaster.


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