2021 September 2 The Bryan Hyde Show

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


The best remedy for feeling overwhelmed is to count your blessings. Sometimes that requires stepping back for a moment and reflecting on all the marvelous things we're taking for granted each day. Alexander Hammond walks us through the 20 biggest advances in technology in the past 20 years.

The flipside to the technological advances that make our lives better is the growing technocracy that's been trying to gain control over our lives this past year and a half. Thomas L. Knapp sounds a hopeful note that, thanks to Covid-19, the technocracy has flowered and failed.

We're learning, at some cost, that the Constitution is not enough to keep our elected representatives from abusing the power with which they've been temporarily entrusted. Judge Andrew Napolitano points out that when the Constitution fails us, that's the time to nullify government interference with our personal autonomy.

There's plenty of bad news out there and, sadly, some of it may actually be based in fact. Edward Snowden takes aim at bad news, bad data and the new denialism that threatens to put us into a state of civic paralysis.

The incredible real estate boom throughout the Intermountain West has made it very difficult to find an affordable home or to even find a rental–at any price. Still, it could be worse. Jon Miltimore has an interesting article on why many in Sweden have to wait a decade or longer just to land an apartment.

What happens when you mix politics with science? You get more politics. Christopher Lingle tackles the issue of climate science and asks: Is this about seeking truth or simply defending consensus?

One of the most curious aspects of our current cultural climate is that we are not allowed to consider alternatives to the official narrative. A good example of this is the current crusade to treat Ivermectin as "horse medicine" when it has a proven track record of treating human parasite infections for 30 years. Michelle Malkin helps us separate the horse hockey from the truth on Ivermectin.

Why are politicians unable to admit that the policies they've foisted on us for the past 18 months are utter failures? Do they worry that they'll lose their god-like status if we realize they are fallible? Donald J. Boudreaux has an excellent explanation, as well as a warning, that we are on track for calamitous policy outcomes.


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