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Yesterday I spent a fair amount of time on the Fourth Turning model of cycles of history. Here's an excellent follow up column from Jim Quinn that provides some deeper insights into how our current turning is shaking out. Because it has proven so essential to consolidating and maintaining power over the masses, Quinn warns that this war on Covid will never end.

Labor Day has come and gone and, aside from a 3 day weekend, few people would say that they celebrated anything at all. John Barry has an worthwhile suggestion, why not celebrate Free Enterprise Day? After all, the things that have most improved our standards of living are the result of entrepreneurs who were willing to take risks.

A lot of what Hollywood produces is intended to be a mindless escape and distraction from the real world. But once in a while, something worthwhile makes it though. Jon Miltimore says the Paw Patrol movie is surprisingly libertarian in it's storyline–especially for a kid's movie.

With students returning to college campuses, there are plenty of convocation speeches being given to start their new school year. Alexander Riley has some very solid advice that he'd love to share with the incoming classes of students this year. He calls it the convocation address you will never hear delivered.

Like it or not, you and I are living through some remarkable and likely historic times. None of us have aspired to be standing at this crossroads, yet here we are. J.B. Shurk has a powerful message for anyone who recognizes the significance of what we are facing. He also has some advice on how to tell what government fears the most.

At the risk of sounding hypocritical, especially as someone who recently moved to Idaho, there's an attitude among many that "If it gets bad, I'll just move to Idaho." Jeff Thomas has some interesting historical perspective of the last major migration that was driven by economic hardship. He also warns that preparing for the coming economic crisis has to be done before the crisis hits.


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