2021 September 9 The Bryan Hyde Show

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Revel in Wrongthink


We're fast approaching the point where a person would be far better off to abstain from most media (mass and social) than to attempt to remain "informed" by the narrative managers of the chattering class. Boyd Cathey has a marvelous column about why we don't trust the media and why we are right not to.

On a related note, it's very common to hear media talking heads going back and forth over issues like vaccine hesitancy. They just can't seem to fathom why the public won't take their word on such life or death matters. Konstantin Kisin has a pretty compelling explanation for the media types who are asking themselves: Why won't they believe us?

When it comes to accurately and dispassionately documenting the mass psychosis that has taken hold in our society, it's hard to beat the Academy of Ideas and their videos. If you've ever pondered how to escape from a sick society, their latest video is well worth your time.

Your ability to think and speak freely is not something that can be taken for granted. Nick Gillespie has a lengthy but highly informative essay on self-cancellation, deplatforming and censorship that defenders of free speech will appreciate.

Here's another sign of the times, as if you needed one. Just when you thought that the abortion issue couldn't get more controversial, various advocacy groups are now stepping forward, following the passage of a strict anti-abortion law in Texas, to insist that abortion isn't just for women anymore.

If you find yourself growing weary of the never-ending mandates and expansions of government power in response to the Covid pandemic, it's not an accident. Those in authority aren't even trying to convince us any longer, they're just trying to wear us down. Ron Paul says, the real pandemic that threatens us is authoritarianism–not a virus.


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