2022 July 1 The Bryan Hyde Show

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


If you haven't flown recently, you should thank your lucky stars. Airline travel is getting tougher with major pilot shortages, thanks to the vax mandates. Terry Paulding asks, what's going on with our commercial airlines?

The powers that be claim they want to protect us from authoritarian influences by banning TikTok. Patrick Carroll says those censorship efforts are getting real and they're a big mistake.

Why is the left so irrationally angry about the overturning of Roe v. Wade? Lewis Dovland spells out the big picture reason that Roe's demise is driving the left to violence.

It's curious how religion is portrayed as something so divisive that it must be banned from the public square. Anthony Esolen asks, should we all cease to sing because the village atheist is hoarse?

Are you serious about changing minds or do you prefer grinding your enemies into dust? Annie Holmquist has some thoughts about changing minds across the back fence through humility and friendship.

The frustration that many of us feel with the mainstream media isn't a matter of needing to be right. As Clayton Fox explains, it's the insufferable arrogance of the constantly wrong.

What ever will we do now that the Supreme Court, in a landmark ruling, has dealt a massive blow to Biden's climate change agenda? The answer should be obvious: we go on with our lives.

Something to ponder as we head into the long Independence Day weekend. A poll from the University of Chicago says a quarter of American say they're ready to take up arms, if necessary, against their government.


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