2022 June 29 The Bryan Hyde Show

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


If there's one name you can trust when it comes to explaining the principles of proper government, that name would be Frédéric Bastiat. Tyler Brandt has a great essay on Bastiat's timeless warnings for lovers of liberty.

The left's agitation for more gun control is as misguided as it is persistent. It's also anti-liberty. D. Parker wonders what's next for the left's gun confiscation agenda.

We all know that things are not improving economically. In fact, you have be brave to ask, just how bad is the economy? Blaine L. Pardoe tackles the question and has some straight answers.

At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, there are legitimate questions about how involved the FBI was in the events of Jan 6. Julie Kelly points out how curious it is that the J6 committee won't allow such questions.

Oh look! Another elephant in the room. Why are so many young people dying suddenly? Annie Holmquist has some relevant examples and some pointed questions as to what's happening and why it's being ignored.

Here's an idea that strikes fear into the hearts of the ruling class: What if the people actually controlled the government? Jeffrey A. Tucker describes how the administrative state avoids accountability.

The disconnect between Hollywood and those of us who live in reality is growing larger. If you've grown tired of all the woke, preachy zealotry, you'll understand why Hollywood is dying and they deserve it.


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