2022 May 10 The Bryan Hyde Show

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos is back to discuss what's worth keeping your eye on in our increasingly complicated world.

Does anyone believe that freedom is among the virtues that drive our mass media? James Bovard explains exactly how the latest media assault on freedom is unfolding.

Every time you feel the pain at the gas pump, remember that it's tied directly to any number of official policies. Joakim Book lays out how politicians and journalists always seem to get energy so wrong.

What is it that causes individuals in a state of slavery to seek their freedom? They know right from wrong. Paul Rosenberg shares his thoughts on the beauty and simplicity of moral clarity.

Can freedom survive in a society without virtue? Michael Finch says we can see the answer to that question every day. He wonders what recovering America's greatness will require.

As much as politicians, medical authorities and the media love to blame the pandemic for our current woes, the truth is that it was the response that caused the harm. Jeffrey A. Tucker wonders why won't they admit failure?

The possibility of a return of lockdown policies is still on the table. El Gato Malo recommends that we refuse to go along with our abusers who love to blame the victims.

As much as the state likes to pretend that it's trying to keep us safe, most of its rules are about keeping us under its control. Donald Boudreaux warns of the dangers of compelled belief.


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