2022 May 12 The Bryan Hyde Show

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


The protests outside the homes of Supreme Court justices is illustrative of more than just society's attitudes on abortion. Thomas L. Knapp says it's also showing us that equality under the law isn't happening.

Caleb Franz from the Profiles In Liberty podcast joins me to talk about the anniversary of Ben Franklin's iconic "join or die" cartoon that urged greater unity between the colonies.

The growing baby formula shortage is causing real concern among those who are paying attention. Laura Rosen Cohen explains why the baby formula shortage is serious business.

While we're on the subject of supply chain disruptions, Justin Hart reminds us that these shortages have a cause.

Ready or not, we are likely to see some dramatic changes in monetary policy in the near future. Joakim Book laments that part of the problems is that nobody understands the monetary system.

Before you believe anyone else either for or against the documentary "2000 Mules", you should consider watching the film yourself. Jonathan Mosely describes how many media fact-checkers are failing this simple test.

If you think the housing crisis is bad right now, just wait until our friends in the political class step up to "fix" the problem. Mark C. Ross explores what happens when our housing bubble collapses.

The latest $40 billion gift from Congress to Ukraine is just another symptom of a larger problem: The U.S. is actively trying to provoke Russia to attack NATO. Eric Peters wonders if Russia will be rising to the bait.


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