2022 May 13 The Bryan Hyde Show

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


Keeping your heart and mind free from hatred is a serious undertaking. Barry Brownstein warns that hatred will destroy you–what the Holodomor teaches us today.

The economic turbulence you are sensing is a real thing. Dan Sanchez explains why the markets are yelling mayday.

Watching the great reset unfold around us sure keeps things exciting. Kit Knightly says that "genetically edited" food may be the next stage that the architects of this reset have in store for us.

Randy Weaver has passed away. If all you know about him is what the MSM has told you, please do yourself a favor and read James Bovard's take on why Ruby Ridge is not forgotten.

A lot of folks are looking to the mid term elections in November as a possible turning point from our current, downward trajectory. Victor Davis Hanson says imagine the unimaginable because things will get weird for the next few months.

How soon is too soon to be teaching our kids common sense? Annie Holmquist says they're never too young to learn responsibility.

Are you a victim of mental manipulation? Margaret Anna Alice offers 10 signs that you've been menticided as well as a 12 step recovery program.

Tell me if this sounds familiar: The political class is locked into a strategy than cannot work but they cannot reverse course. The Z-man spells out how Ukraine is about to become NATO's Vietnam.


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