2022 May 4 The Bryan Hyde Show

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


If you're serious about making a difference, it's okay to start small. Keith Kelsch from the Local Commonwealth in St. George, Utah joins me to talk about leadership at the community level.

One way that we can increase our influence is to really know what our core values are. Tyler Petersen shares a personal example of how this is done and why it's so beneficial.

Even if Covid has been much more dangerous, the lockdowns still would have been a bad idea. Bretigne Shaffer spells out how failure to recognize why lockdowns were wrong could result in them being imposed again

Remembering the mistakes made during the lockdowns isn't the same thing as wallowing in victimhood. Jeffrey A. Tucker reminds us of when haircuts were illegal and why we mustn't forget how the state overstepped its bounds.

When it comes to understanding the fervor currently surrounding the Supreme Court, Glenn Greenwald is a voice worth heeding. He breaks down the irrational, misguided discourse surrounding Supreme Court controversies.

Even normal people from 10 years ago are considered "dangerous, violent extremists" by the folks in power. J.B. Shurk asks, do we draw the line at a U.S. ministry of truth?

Do you care enough about the saving the planet to starve yourself to death? Jon Miltimore has a great article on how destroying food to fight climate change is madness.

We have an interesting set of priorities as a society. Jeff Deist explains why social issues dominate, yet no one blinks an eye when our government spends us into oblivion.


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