2023 Jan 24 The Bryan Hyde Show

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos drops in for another of our regular Tuesday therapy sessions. If you're in need of a healthy dose of rationality, Eric always delivers.

Hindsight is always helpful in connecting the dots we couldn't see when things were going sideways. Huck Davenport reminds us that time has shown that the 'paranoid' people were correct about covid.

We all can use a good pep talk from time to time. John Green has a very timely essay on how we are not victims unless we choose to be.

Sometimes it feels as though it's getting harder to find people who are still serious about seeking truth. Alethia Hitz says truth is more than propositional. It's not just what we say but how we say it that matters.


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