2023 Mar 22 The Bryan Hyde Show

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


The left gets really angry when people start using the word "woke" to describe the current insanity. Samuel Mangold-Lenett says that's because we're offending those who'd prefer its definition remain murky.

If reality is everything that remains when you wish it were otherwise, we're about to get a lot better acquainted with it. James Howard Kunstler notes that when you mess with reality, a lot of things that can't go on will stop.

Here's some good news: Dutch farmers have formed a political party that is making big gains in seizing control back from the Great Reset functionaries.

If you're willing to face some unpleasant facts, here's one of the most informative analyses of our worsening economic situation. Robert Stark explains what's causing our economic death spiral.

Dissent is essential to a free society. Maybe that's why the power-seekers seem very determined to criminalize it. Julie Kelly describes the death of dissent in America.

We need the example of courageous heroes who will stand against impossible odds to speak the truth. Jeff Minnick recommends two films that can provide that needed shot of courage.


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