2023 May 10 The Bryan Hyde Show

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


Well, that didn't take long. Tucker Carlson is back with a video presence on Twitter. His take on how media deceives us is very accurate.

There's plenty of concern over how to regulate AI but a top-down approach may not be the best way. Michael N. Peterson recommends a bottom-up approach to governing the new generation of AI.

The never-ending gaslighting is really starting to wear thin. Fauci and Biden are rewriting the history of covid-19 restrictions and, predictably, they're making themselves out as heroes.

Students of The Fourth Turning are seeing some familiar patterns emerge in our current Fourth Turning crisis. As Jim Quinn explains, we've see this dynamic before and can learn from how it played out.

History may not repeat itself but it sure offers some striking deja vu moments. Victor Davis Hanson gives a solid recounting of the Jacobin terror of the French Revolution and explores our own impending Thermidor reaction.


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