2023 May 16 The Bryan Hyde Show

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos joins me to discuss our current state of affairs as well as what each of us can do about it.

Lawfare is becoming the preferred tool of tyranny by those in power and their corporate partners. Find time to read Ammon Bundy's letter to St. Luke's attorney where Ammon calls out Erik Stidham on his distortions and abuse of the legal system. Lots of details here the media will not report.

The desperation of the political class can be seen in their escalating calls for gun control. Ron Paul explains how the gun control debate ignores the real problems in a mad grab for power.

There is nowhere left to hide for those of us who love our freedom. The Dept. of Homeland Security is now producing videos teaching citizens how to identify "radicalized conservatives" which is newspeak for anyone who will not submit without question.


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