2023 May 18 The Bryan Hyde Show

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


It may seem like a small thing but when offered the choice of a gold star on my driver's license, I declined. As Mike Maharrey explains, REAL ID is still in the process of being implemented 15 years after it was to go into effect.

This is going to seem pretty random but I happen to be a fan of Art Garfunkel. Douglas Flint makes a very rational plea that we not allow Garfunkel to be written out of history.

As society continues to spiral out of control, it's tempting to embrace a mentality of indifference. Gary D. Barnett says that closing our minds would be a terrible mistake.

Who benefits from the endless activism of the "anti-hate" hate industry? What a surprise, says Edward Ring, it's the hate industry itself.

If it feels as though the middle class is being systematically destroyed, there's a good reason for that. Michael Snyder explains why the financial strain we're feeling has come about and how the game is being rigged.


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