2023 May 22 The Bryan Hyde Show

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


Do we have a moral duty to just let things happen or a moral duty to protect those things that we value the most? Joshua Phillip wonders, is self-defense becoming illegal?

It may be a violation of Godwin's law (comparisons to Hitler) to point this out but here goes: D. Parker gives us 8 disturbing similarities between the Democrat and Nazi parties.

The power of the jury is not something to be taken lightly. Harrison Griffiths says juryless trials are a naked power grab and a serious threat to liberty.

Every time we take another step back economically, in the name of climate change, we also take a step toward global governance. Brandon Smith spells out how climate change hysteria is being used as a tool of change.

The people who pushed and enforced lockdowns and all the other covid tyranny would love to convince us that they are as innocent as can be. Jeffrey A. Tucker reminds us all that the need for accountability for their actions is not going away.


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