2023 May 24 The Bryan Hyde Show

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


Humanity can be divided into those who seek to control others and those who do not. Lawrence W. Reed notes that the evil done by the first group is rising, but despair is not an option.

It's a shame that partisan politics is so highly dependent upon labels. Daniel J. Mitchell says the battle isn't between right and left, it's statism vs. the individual.

It's truly sad to see how the public school system has become an indoctrination camp of sorts for left-wing activism. Even elite private schools are succumbing to the siren song of diversity, equity and inclusion–leading some parents to sue over "bait and switch" tactics.

Disappointment is part of the world in which we live. Annie Holmquist has a powerful essay about how even things that are meant for evil can be used for good, with the right attitude.

We were commanded to "trust the experts" and let them do the thinking for us for the better part of two years and we're all paying the price for having done so. Steve Templeton explains the fall of the experts and how we learned that they're as fallible as the rest of us.


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