2023 May 3 The Bryan Hyde Show

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


If you sense the heat is being turned up in the quest to silence dissent, you're not wrong. Sasha Stone has a great essay on AOC and the happy fascists who are building our dystopian nightmare.

The debt ceiling debate in the nation's capitol is a fascinating study of how politics works. Brandon Smith explains how conservatives will be blamed either way when our economy finally hits the wall.

We were told that we should "trust the science" and the official narrative in order to avoid so-called "misinformation." So, why are so many covid authoritarians suddenly shifting their narratives?

Your conscience is a much better guide to right and wrong than the law is. Especially when considering how every one of us has been made a criminal of some sort.

We're all going to have the opportunity to discover just how committed we are to our principles. Tom Woods highlights another example of the growing clampdown on dissent.


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