#219 – The Electric Immune System


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Your body’s immune system is an electromagnetic field surrounding your body. The ego is one of these fields. There are seven. We will discuss them all as it pertains to your immunity. Join me tomorrow in this live event brought to you by the energy and current from my patrons.

There are seven field-rings of energy powering your boundaries. Each of them is powered by a different source. Each of them has a unique permeability and shape. Each of them creates a distinct field. Culture shames these boundaries. This weakens them and makes us vulnerable to attack. But it’s not an attack if we freely choose to give our energy away. Our victimhood looks for opportunities to offload energy. Once we take control of our cockpit, we see our energy can never be taken. It can only be given away. Even under violent duress, our energy must be voluntarily surrendered. Even when we are forced. That’s because our energy is our identity and our consciousness.

The seven fields of your body:
1. Ancestor – God/Family/Younger self 2. Task – Action/Gear
3. Casual – Personae/Style
4. Egoic – Core Identity / Beliefs
5. Emotional – Mental health/Stability 6. Sexual – Gender Identity / Polarity
7. Elemental – Core Shame/Nudity

Secrets are as important to the individual as they are to a family. Secrets give us boundaries. Secrets are private. To encrypt something is to turn it into a secret. To decrypt is to expose it. Secrets are electrical gates in and out of your body. When a secret is exposed, we feel it in our body. Shame is a secret. Shame is the very center of who you are. Without shame, there would be no identity. Our psyche needs a core of shame to stay alive. The shame is a shell. A healthy child develops the shame of nudity in front of a parent. Despite the intimacy since birth, a child needs core shame to form as an individual. Shame and nudity are vital field diagnostics. They show us the health and integrity of our psyche.

Join me tomorrow for this event.

Original source: https://www.jtrue.com/blog/219-the-electrical-immune-system

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