#267 – Our Forefathers’ Vaccine Injury

George Washington and John Adams were vaccine injuries. “In the Winter of 1764, the Small Pox prevailing in Boston, I went with my Brother into Town and was inocculated under the Direction of Dr. Nathaniel Perkins and Dr. Joseph Warren. This Distemper was very terrible even by Inocculation at that time. My Physicians dreaded it, and prepared me, by a milk Diet and a Course of Mercurial Preparations, till they reduced me very low before they performed the operation. They continued to feed me with Milk and Mercury through the whole Course of it, and salivated me to such a degree, that every tooth in my head became so loose that I believe I could have pulled them all with my Thumb and finger. By such means they conquered the Small Pox, which I had very lightly, but they rendered me incapable … of speaking or eating in my old Age, in short they brought me into the same situation with my Friend Washington, who attributed his misfortune to cracking of Walnuts in his Youth.” – John Adams Produced by a tribe of Patrons:
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Original source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKDUIlsC6-0

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