“2nd Amendment Has Nothing To Do With White Nationalism” -Ben Swann

With media claiming fears of white nationalists taking over a 2nd amendment rally in Virginia, I explain that white nationalism and the second amendment have nothing to do with each other. —————-
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Joshua Brown
Joshua Brown
January 22, 2020 7:13 pm

I’m a leftist, a Communist/Socialist specifically, and I like guns. I agree with Karl Marx when he said that any attempt to disarm the workers must be fought by force if necessary. You’re right here. Where are the marches in white communities condemning racism and standing with black people? Why no ‘Je Suis Charleston’? Barack Obama, as the government’s chief propagandist, defined Dylann Roof, the white nationalist assailant, as a pathological, hateful loner who had easy access to guns. The words “terrorist” never crossed his lips or the lips of any other officials of the national government. Then, the state… Read more »

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