90: Moving from a permission mindset to a freedom mindset with Kylon Gienger


For this week’s episode I wanted to share an interviewed I did on Stephen Warley’s Life Skills That Matter podcast.

This was part of an “interview swap” that Stephen and I did, and you can find his interview on Successful Dropout here.

Stephen is an absolute boss and is doing some incredible things to push this new paradigm of work we are entering into as a society. I had a blast on his show and  we discussed a lot of things including:

  • Rethinking the American Dream.
  • Calculating the cost of your ideal lifestyle.
  • Moving from a permission mindset to a freedom mindset.
  • What I learned from trying so many different career paths.
  • I explain the concept of self-credentialing.

Some inspirational quotes to remember:

“My goals are all, they’re all set with the primary focus being, like, how do I want to spend my time and who do I want to spend my time with and the money, I believe, sort of comes as a result of that.”

“You stick to doing what you love and building what you love, as long as it’s working, you know, I think it’ll pay off.”

“I’ve never wanted to do something just because I’m supposed to do it.”

Some coaching advice:

I recommended these actions to start breaking out of your comfort zone to try new and different things:

1)  Don’t get hung up on finding the one right thing, pick one and just get started.

2) Switch, pivot, or quit if the first thing you do doesn’t work or you need to do other things as well.

3) Action begets more action, so don’t wait for the inspiration to strike to get started.



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