91: Working with business partners & the role failure plays in understanding yourself with Andrew Schneck


Andrew Schneck is a 26-year old college opt-out and obtained a college degree with the least possible amount of personal time spent in the classroom. He is an entrepreneur in the healthcare industry , building clinics that target addiction and mental health disorders. Prior to entrepreneurship he taught himself long-term investing in the stock market and has enjoyed national investing competitions, shareholder meetings, and selling research to investment firms. He mentors entrepreneurs and finance professionals as they seek out nontraditional careers. His goal is to fix healthcare and elevate those around him.

Andrew has played a very integral role in the Successful Dropout community since the early days. He’s the epitome of a Successful Dropout and someone who has overcome some massive obstacles in his journey to build the best version of his life.  I loved having him on the show again and I would highly suggest you reach out and get to know the guy!

Here are some of the things we talk about:

  • Having business partners
  • Knowing yourself to the point of being unnerving to others
  • Why failure is important
  • Important relationships to have
  • The formula for change
  • How to deal with going down the road less travelled and not having support
  • Advice for people who want to drop out
  • Advice for people who have already dropped out



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