94: How to channel addiction into whole life success with Brodie Kern


Brodie is a public speaker and serial entrepreneur. Brodie currently owns and operates a number of businesses including a commercial real estate brokerage, a telecom marketing agency, and a high-risk payment processing company.

Brodie currently travels the country with his wife hannah speaking and attending a number of events on the topics of addiction, personal development, fear, motivation, and entrepreneurship. Brodie uses his past experiences with his battle against drugs and alcohol to inspire and empower others to overcome their afflictions.

Some of the things we talked about:

  • Brodie’s journey dealing with alcohol and drug addiction
  • Getting himself together, become a real estate agent
  • Relapse!
  • How do you get to know yourself? How do you go about understanding who you are?
  • The important of meditation and it’s real purpose
  • Starting a telecom company
  • Dealing with fear
  • Underlying rage and how it can be useful
  • Why hardship and failure is essential
  • Brodie gives advice to his 18 year old self
  • Recommended books
  • More!



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