A Big Non-Endorsement


The LA Times is urging readers to vote against me because I “remind” them of Ron DeSantis and Tom Cotton. I’ll happily accept that non-endorsement.

You’ll be shocked to learn the Times also urged a No vote on the Recall. An honest editorial might have begun like this:

“Every step of the way, Newsom opted for maximum state control: lockdowns, schools, masks, the vaccine. Where’s the evidence it’s done us a whit of good?” 

Of course, we knew the media would be against us. Every force has been arrayed against us from the start: special interests that hand Newsom huge checks, tech companies that mute opposition, a political class that cheats in plain sight. 

But our movement was formed from something they can’t touch: the solitary man or woman, sitting at a table, holding out a pen and paper to neighbors. 

The hero of this story is the California citizen. In your community, you are beyond the reach of censors. You are incorruptible. Your words and deeds have been true and pure: aimed at nothing more than a better future for us all.

Signature by signature, you built a citizens’ movement the likes of which California has never seen. It’s because of you – not any politician or political party – that we have this golden opportunity. 

And now, we have 30 momentous days to seize it. By spreading the word. By talking to everyone we know. By reaching out to that fickle friend or apathetic acquaintance with a simple plea: take a chance on change. 

At this moment, everything is up for grabs. Let’s fight until the end, leave it all on the field, and witness a new birth of freedom for the State of California. 

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