A flaw in Amazon’s Ring doorbells leaked customers’ Wi-Fi credentials

Well we know that Amazon’s Ring has been sharing videostreams directly with over 400 police departments, so this shouldn’t be a surprise.

(From Cyberscoop)

Internet-connected doorbells sold by Amazon’s Ring service contained a security vulnerability that would have made it possible for hackers to intercept a customer’s Wi-Fi username and password, then launch a larger attack on the network, according to findings made public Thursday.

Researchers from the Romanian security firm Bitdefender discovered earlier this year that when a user first configured their Ring doorbell app, it accepted credentials in an unsecure format as it created a new digital access point.

Hey, and we don’t even have 5G yet.

Source: https://www.ac2news.com/2019/11/a-flaw-in-amazons-ring-doorbells-leaked-customers-wi-fi-credentials/

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