Against Crony Capitalism will cease publication as of today.


Dear Readers of and supporters of our site Against Crony Capitalism,



Against Crony Capitalism will cease publication as of today.
We did not come to this decision lightly. Our site is heavily dependent on Facebook for our traffic. 7 weeks ago, Facebook announced that we would be penalized for mentioning an article in Nature about Covid that did not entirely agree with CDC pronouncements. For those of you not familiar with it, Nature is one of the world’s leading scientific publications and we took no position on the article, just mentioned it. Nevertheless we were virtually shut down and appeals to Facebook to reconsider have been fruitless. Having lost much of our readership, we see no alternative to stopping publication.
Looking back, we think we have much to be proud of with this publication. When we started, the term “crony capitalism” was not in wide use. Today it is everywhere. Crony capitalism is also something that both left and right can agree is wrong, even if they do not necessarily agree on what to do about it.
Over this past decade, we have covered this space, day in and day out, seeking to chronicle the abuse of government and taxpayers by narrow private interests. It has been an amazing ride and we are greatly indebted to the millions of people who visited our site over the years and who supported our cause. We are very proud of our work and regret that Facebook has chosen to censor us for reasons that remain obscure to us.
We look forward to staying in touch in the months and years ahead.
The Editor
Nick Sorrentino

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