Alan Dershowitz Has Found His New O.J. Simpson in Toxic Vaccinations

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What Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz has just written in New York Daily News speaks for itself:

I can think of no thinker in the history of the world who has ever advocated the anti-vaccine position. There is no coherent argument — religious, constitutional, civil libertarian or commonsensical — in favor of allowing people to refuse to be vaccinated against communicable diseases. So why then did so many state legislators in New York vote against the bill? Politics, not principles.

In an act of pure principle, the state legislator who sponsored the bill flipped off his own constituents for opposing it just weeks before it became state law. The law is the ultimate middle finger to New Yorkers by their elected representatives and is the worst thing to happen to New York since 9/11. And this time, it definitely was an inside job.

Vaccine companies and O.J. Simpson already have a lot in common, and now they have one more. They both murdered people, they both got off and now they are both defended by Alan Dershowitz, who knows vaccine shill Seth Mnookin‘s uncle and fellow Harvard Law Professor Robert Mnookin. It’s no wonder Dershowitz defends the vaccine program, even though it’s run by the sister of a former deputy attorney general he condemned last year for raiding the office of Trump’s now-former lawyer.

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Dvorah Cohen
Dvorah Cohen
June 20, 2019 1:28 pm

There most certainly are legitimate religious reasons for refusal to inject vaccines either into oneself or one’s children. The fact that many of these vaccines, including the MMR, has used aborted fetal tissue in the development and manufacture, is one example. And it wasn’t just two. Dr. Stanley Plotkin, the godfather of the modern vaccine industry, was forced to admit under oath that he lost count of how many aborted fetuses were used. And the need is ongoing. Anyone who for any reason, including for religious reasons, finds this use of aborted babies abhorrent, then they must not be required… Read more »