American Racism


“American Racism” is the attack of one’s prejudice. The weapon wielded is shame. You know it’s working by how much one clenches up when they hear the word, “prejudice.” There is a strategic advantage to creating a cultural DMZ zone around prejudice. “Prejudice” is our freedom to pursue happiness. This goes even deeper though b/c prejudice is how we leave our mark on the world. We make choices with our prejudice and create our world with them and around them. American racism seeks to imply we should feel shame for this inherent prejudice. This is an attack on our free will. This installs doubt in our ability to control our destiny. In this way, American Racism is actually cultural fascism.

If you doubt your inner core by believing you are inherently racist, you have no self. You have created a cavity in your own integrity by believing the con that you are flawed from the beginning. Note, this same psyop is used with the doctrine of “sin.” The “equality” movement is also part of the same mechanism. These are shame cults and they work really well. Consider gender dysmorphia as a small proof of where our culture has lost their own genetic integrity. They have become pliable to whatever the hive needs them to be. They are “fluid” because they have shamed their backbone. Seeing “racism” everywhere is a psychological projection of core shame.

This shame-bonding is strengthened by the initial lie. In order to be accepted by the community, one must declare themselves flawed racist). They tell people this despite in being true. They lie to themselves to be accepted. The community rewards this action with virtue. The subject is now shame-bonded in the lie. To awaken from this soft cult, they must admit they were lying. But the yoke of the acceptance of one’s racism is so heavy and constant, another self-reflecting admission of lying is too much to absorb. Denial is the natural reaction to too much pain. Too much shame.

This mechanism is real regardless of any outward mechanism or designer. It is a result of natural cultural competition found in any flock, herd, or roost. Left unchecked, this reptilian instinct will grow unfettered. It has been harnessed since the times of Egypt to control a mass of people. It is a yoke of propaganda and repetitious indoctrination. It turns the free man into a slave, and his own shame becomes the master.

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