Analysis: Bay State’s EV Rebate Program Overwhelmingly Benefits Wealthy Suburbanites

A Photo of the Fisker Karma, a Plug-in Hybrid Luxury Sports Sedan


(From StreetsBlog)

On a per-household basis, the list of communities that have received the most money from the MOR-EV program include some of the Commonwealth’s most elite suburbs: Lincoln (where the program has delivered $249,000 in rebates to new car buyers), Harvard ($177,500 in rebates), Waban in Newton ($196,000 in rebates), Carlisle ($178,500 in rebates), and Lexington (where the program has spent $1.1 million, split between the town’s two ZIP codes).

In all, 79 percent of the MOR-EV program’s rebates (about $30 million) went to car buyers in ZIP codes where the median household income exceeds the statewide median income.

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