Announcing ISE.Media!


Deeply honored to announce today the launch of our new free speech video platform ISE Media. This site will become the home for content creators who want to speak the truth but are being purged from existing social sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

https://ISE.Media is a new documentary and entertainment platform for those who are willing to stand up and speak out against establishment control over news, health, environment, education, and other issues. We believe in "equality in the freedom to speak." The ancient Greeks called that Isegoria, we call it ISE Media.

We are especially excited to announce that in order to build this platform, we are launching an equity crowdfunding campaign where you have a chance to own part of ISE Media. This is how we will build a content platform that is not only for the people, but built by the people.

Please check out our WeFunder equity crowdfunding page at Invest in ISE Media today. It’s more than just an investment- it’s freedom!

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