Are you on the anti-vaccine spectrum?


If you answer “yes” to one or more of the questions below you might be an “anti-vaxxer,” according to vaccine proponents like Sen. Richard Pan, Peter Hotez and David Gorski.

(The unofficial list of AV spectrum symptoms – insults excluded):

    1. Do you support and/or advocate the right to refuse vaccination?
    2. Have you declined one vaccine (such as the HepB or the chicken pox vaccine) but are up to date on other CDC recommended vaccines?
    3. Do you advocate for safer vaccines?
    4. Do you advocate for independent scientific studies on vaccines?
    5. Do you advocate for long-term health studies between vaccinated and completely unvaccinated kids?
    6. Do you have a personal experience with vaccine injury and shared your experience online or in an interview?
    7. Do you question some or all of the vaccine science cited by CDC?
    8. Do you think congress should subpoena Dr. William Thompson?
    9. Have you ever criticized or questioned the CDC’s recommended vaccine schedule?
    10. Have you ever criticized vaccine ingredients?
    11. Have you ever criticized or opposed compulsory vaccination?
    12. Do you prefer a delayed vaccine schedule for your child?
    13. Do you prefer a selective vaccine schedule for your child?
    14. Have you ever challenged vaccine proponents on their logic or argumentation?
    15. Have you ever written an article or book that exposes conflicts of interest on vaccine science or prominent vaccine proponents?
    16. Have you ever produced or directed a film that exposes corruption within the FDA or CDC?
    17. Have you ever written about or made a video that illustrates the risks of vaccines?
    18. Have you ever been published in a scientific journal that suggests vaccines may have potential negative impacts on health?
    19. Have you ever been on the Vaxxed Bus?
    20. Have you ever attended a public or private event that highlighted risks of vaccines?
    21. Are you a doctor or scientist who has said anything negative about vaccines publicly?
    22. Do you oppose liability protection for vaccine manufacturers?
    23. Do you have a naturally healthy child?
    24. Are you an assemblymember or politician that opposed a vaccine mandate bill?
    25. Do you refuse to take the flu shot?
    26. Do you refuse to get the coronavirus vaccine?
    27. Are you Dr. Paul Offit?


If there are more symptoms you think should be added to the list, leave them in the comments below.

“Stop anti-vax violent rhetoric!”
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Tony Morecat
Tony Morecat
February 6, 2020 12:22 pm