Biden nominee proposed federal agency to oversee think tanks and advocacy groups

(From The Washington Examiner)

The paper — co-written by Chopra and Julie Margetta Morgan, who now works as a senior adviser in the Department of Education — calls for a new agency that consolidates the “overlapping mandates” of inspectors general and the Government Accountability Office “into a single agency with real powers to enforce and police corruption.”

The proposed Public Integrity Protection Agency, like the CFPB [CONSUMER FINANCIAL PROTECTION BUREAU], would not receive its funding from congressional appropriation and would have the power “to bring civil and criminal enforcement actions in federal court, along with issuing civil money penalties,” in addition to having the authority “to inspect and investigate individuals and companies seeking to influence federal officials.”

In our opinion the funding of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau by the Federal Reserve with newly printed money, bypassing congressional budgeting or approval, is a gross violation of the Constitution. The new nominee to the head of the CFPB wanted the proposed regulator of think tanks to be financed the same way.

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