BIG SOLUTION: Shop with Patriots and Ditch Big Box Stores Now!


I can hardly contain myself. I’ve been on a solution mission for awhile now, and when I found this goldmine, I was so excited! Not just because we are pulling our business away from big box stores and Amazon, who is trying to take over all industries, but because the PRODUCTS ROCK! Plus, I found several other fantastic sources for USA-made products, as well as helping out our farmers and ranchers!

At first I thought, wait a minute… how is it I didn’t know about this shop? I’ve been searching forever to find a one-stop shop for a multitude of products so I don’t have to keep researching where every ingredient is from, who owns the company, and what corrupt crook may be behind it. Then I realized, this was the best kept secret for decades, and now I understand why and how they’ve managed to thrive for so long. If a dear friend hadn’t told me about it, I never would have found it. This particular shop is by referral only, so please email me if you want to check it out. Be sure to check out the other resources below as well.

You’ve been asking for solutions, and in my opinion, this is one of the most important ones because it does a number of things:

1) No more giving money to the criminals, especially Amazon.

2) All of the resources are USA-made, and some of them have their own manufacturing and distribution – bonus!

3) Improve your health: Many of these resources provide clean or chemical free products, and of course the farming ones means cleaner eating.

4) No need to worry about masks, id passports or other bogus mandates because you order online and it’s delivered right to your door!

First Up: This is the ultimate shopping club!

This is the big one I was referencing in the intro. It’s sort of like a Costco in a sense, but you don’t have to buy in bulk, the products are incredible, most of which don’t have all of the poisonous chemicals in them you find at big box stores, and it’s delivered right to your door. You can cancel at any time. It’s like our own personal patriot shopping club – and the evil powers that be can’t touch it or block us from it! Imagine that?! This is an exclusive referral shopping club and you need to be referred, so shoot me an email.

I was blown away by the cleaning products! Let’s put it this way… my cat puked on my bright white comforter twice in the past few weeks. Not the usual clumpy food puke, but one packed with bright yellow bile (sorry for the visual but at least I spared you the photos I took). It was a big, nasty surprise waiting for me. I quickly grabbed the stain remover and added a dash of disinfectant, and in under 3 minutes the stain was 99% gone. I kid you not! I threw it in the washing machine and dryer, pulled it out, and no stain or stench! My dad stopped by one day and asked if he could try it on their mattress pad. He was so impressed, he asked me to order some for him, along with several other cleaning products. But there are so many other great products I love at this shop too, such as the mouthwash, body wash, snack items, and lip balm!

Let me cut to the chase… this shop has all of your household cleaning supplies, disinfectants, dental, laundry, hygiene, beauty products, bath and body, vitamins and supplements, first aid treatments, essential oils, healthy snacks and sports drinks, and more!

That’s a lot of product to pull away from the big box stores and Amazon with their price gauging! Speaking of price, the pricing is very affordable and in many cases less expensive than chemically-filled store bought products.

The number one question I am going to get is… why aren’t you linking directly to the shop, after all, you are the evidence girl who always provides links and cite’s her sources. That’s a great point. You know how we’ve all been censored, deplatformed, some have had bank accounts closed, and businesses destroyed? THIS is exactly how they’ve managed to thrive for so long. They do not advertise. It is all by word of mouth and a fellow patriot getting another patriot direct access to the shop. For those wondering, this is not Amway. So I apologize for the extra step, but if this particular resource strikes your fancy, please email me.

You may not be able to buy furniture, lumber, or groceries here, but you sure can get a heck of a lot of important products crossed off your list. This is a great step in the right direction. Think about it… if you shop at this shopping club, plus your small local grocer, butcher shop or deli for grocery needs, your local farmers for produce and meat, some of the other resources provided in this article for other needs, and a small family-owned hardware store, that pretty much covers about 95% of your needs that you can get met outside of the greedy evil-doers that are trying to control us through social and climate scoring systems. To heck with them!

Second Up:

I love this one! I’m going to start utilizing this myself. I found this great website a few weeks ago called FarmMatch, where you can type your zip code in and find local farmers to order from, and either do a nearby scheduled pickup or they deliver right to your door! You can thank Max Kane for putting this together.

On a separate note, I recently came across the site ‘Protect The Harvest,’ which I feel has a lot of important information on the battle we are witnessing of government trying to demolish our farmers and ranchers. The Ice Age Farmer covers a lot of key topics as well. And, be sure to checkout and support R-CALFUSA who fights for our cattle producers and keeps people up to date with government shenanigans. Also, check out John Moody’s Whole Life Buying Club if you are in the Louisville, KY area. He’s a brilliant speaker and writer, having published multiple books on farming, including the Food Club and Co-op Handbook, The Elderberry Book, and the Frugal Homesteader Handbook.

Third Up: Patriots’ Share

I’ve had several wonderful patriots email me with links to some of their favorite shops. And, I’ll be honest… I had a list going that I started a few months back and for the life of me, I cannot find it! So be sure to check back on my Solutions page, because I will be putting out more information in the future, for certain! Whereas, I haven’t yet ordered from these shops below, or researched them, they all look terrific, and are on my radar for potential future purchases.

True Leaf Market for non-GMO gardening seeds and supplies

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Azure Standard for Healthy and Abundant Living for bulk and natural food items

Mountain Rose Herbs for herbs and spices, herbal teas, and essential oils

RedPill Living supplements and health products

Culture of Life clothing store

All USA Clothing

Lodge Cast Iron – cast iron bakeware and cooking accessories.

• This one has been shared with me a lot. If you are strictly looking to support companies whose products are made in the USA, the website ‘China Never,’ links to USA, Canada, and EU shops, covering a wide range of products. Whereas, I haven’t researched the companies listed, this could be a handy resource for narrowing some things down and doing a little of your own digging. Some of these are likely larger brand companies, that may or may not be “patriot” based, so to speak. So do your due diligence. Sometimes it’s hard to find certain products at smaller companies, so this could be a good backup resource.

If you are into off-grid camping or prepping supplies and food, you can check out my store at Corey’s Camp.

With a little bit of effort we can all make huge moves that benefit us while putting a big dent in the criminal mafia. It’s all about community and supporting one another. Pull out of the central banks and find smaller, local banks and credit unions you can trust. I realize that some things coming our way are inevitable, but I say… go for longevity, build around them, don’t let them use your money against us, and we live to fight another day!

My goal is to continue to build a network of resources we can all utilize, benefit from, and support one another through, outside their corrupt system. So keep an eye on my Solutions page for more good stuff coming. I’m excited! Get excited with me – we can do this! Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss a Solution, or a Dig. Email me at with any wonderful sources you might have, and inquiries on these great solutions above, or to share shopping suggestions.

I do not have any affiliate or seller accounts established with any of the resources I am sharing in this article, with exception of Corey’s Camp. These are fantastic solutions I want everyone to know about, because we have the ability to shift the money, shift the power, and shift our futures if we all work together!

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