Bitcoin Alltime High! $2,500 BTC Giveaway! Governments Love Sheep

Bitcoin Alltime High! $2,500 BTC Giveaway! Governments Love Sheep #DefundTheGovernment Link to BTC giveaway tweet: TDV Summit videos available here: All about Jeff Berwick and Charlie Robinson's Book "Controlled Demolition": Subscribe to the The Dollar Vigilante newsletter: Bitcoin hits all-time high of $19,857, extends year-to-date return to 177%: El Crypto Vigilante (TCV in Spanish): Crypto Vigilante Channel in English: Principles vs. Political Fads – Larken Rose: Philadelphia Freeedom Event: : December 5, 12pm-4pm, Independence Hall Johns Hopkins Study Saying COVID-19 Has 'Relatively No Effect on Deaths' in U.S. Spiked After Publication: there was a designer on Project Runway last year named Kovid and one of his designs featured a face mask which one of the judges repeatedly called “sick.”: The Irish govt says if you get a negative Covaids test it doesn't mean you don't have Covaids! What is the point of all this then? Because if it says you do have Covaids you probably don't. San Diego Says Strip Clubs Essential So Church Calls Itself ‘Family Friendly Strip Club’: You need to fix your sign before I get out! (Masks Required): Psychiatrist Warns Americans are in Delusional Psychosis: French National Back in Flames: Trump warriors – Highly determined and heavily armed militias in the US: TDV on the Dark Web/Tor/Onion site: http://dollarvigihfb4n5.onion You can find all our videos on our new decentralized platform here: Our Email List: TDV Clips: Check Out Our New Channel The Lucy and Jeff Show: Our Bitchute Channel: Our LBRY Channel: TDV on 153 News: New video page New resources page

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