California Governor Gavin Newsom Signs SB276 Into Statewide Law

Governor Newsom has signed SB276 into law. To all those unfamiliar, here is what that will mean for the people of California from the bill’s architect Richard Pan:

Senate Bill 276 will require physicians to submit information to California Department of Public Health (CDPH), including the physician’s name and license number and the reason for the exemption, which CDPH will check to ensure they are consistent with the Center for Disease Control’s guidelines or stand of care.

While the law only applies to the state of California, it explicitly has its origins in the federal vaccine program. Instead of taking on that program directly, opposition to exemption-killing bills in California has instead operated as a “health freedom” movement fronting libertarian slogans. That path was not effective four years ago, and it is not effective now.

The vaccine propaganda that led to the bill’s passage is summarized at the conclusion of Pan’s press release:

The hesitation to vaccinate on the part of a growing number of parents stems from misinformation such as the now retracted 1998 study that falsified data to purport a link between autism and the measles vaccine. The study was authored by Andrew Wakefield who was later found to be lying. Also, numerous subsequent studies worldwide involving hundreds of thousands of children have proved that vaccines are safe and do not cause autism.

SB276 offered another opportunity to highlight the fact that US vaccine policy is based on a foreign panel’s decision to explicitly punish a doctor for accurately publishing about vaccine injuries. That opportunity has been blown.

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