California Parents Sue Riverside County $25 Million for Death of Disabled Daughter in Foster Care

By Teri Sforza
The Orange County Register


Riverside County effectively signed a disabled girl’s death warrant by placing her in a foster home dogged by decades of complaints, charge the parents of “Princess” Diane Ramirez in a lawsuit seeking at least $25 million.

Angel Cadena Ramirez and Alberto Ramirez filed suit on Monday, Feb. 10, against the county and foster home operators Michelle Morris and Larry Kerin. They allege wrongful death, breach of duty and violations of child abuse neglect reporting laws.

“No parent should have to attend his or her child’s funeral,” the suit said. “Yet, due to the collective, systematic malfeasance and deliberate indifference of (the county and foster home) … plaintiffs will never again have the opportunity to experience the life and vibrancy of their daughter.”

“There were multiple complaints to the county from teachers that children at the home were being abused and neglected and that under-aged children were staying in the same facility with adults with various disabilities — a disaster waiting to happen,” said the suit, filed by Newport Beach attorney Charles Krowlikowski.

“Yet, they did nothing to meaningfully investigate the situation — their inaction is reprehensible. By failing to comply with their duties, the county … acted with deliberate indifference to the grave risk posed to Diane and the other minor children.”

Diane wound up in foster care after her parents separated and her mother developed personal problems. Her dad was putting the finishing touches on Diane’s new room when he got the call last April 6 that she was dead.

The county knew, or should have known, that Diane would be subject to abuse, neglect or both if placed in Morris’ home, the suit alleges. Complaints and accusations against the home began decades earlier in Orange County, where Morris, a former social worker, entered the foster care business in 1994.

From 1998 to May 2018 — before Diane was placed in the Morris home — more than 25 reports of physical abuse, sexual abuse and neglect were made involving the home, yet it remained open, the suit says.

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