Campfire with Jerry Marzinsky

I did not get the first few minutes of our talk so you miss the introduction and a few gems. I have harnessed my regret into better recording skills in the future though. We… Jerry Marzinsky is a licensed Psychotherapist with 35 years experience on the front lines of mental health. For seven years he worked in the largest state hospital in the world with the criminally insane. For sixteen years he worked in prisons. For ten years worked Crisis in Hospital ERs and various mental health centers. The phrase “You have a chemical imbalance” is propaganda. No chemical imbalance has ever been documented in a medical journal. Meanwhile, schizophrenia is a $9 billion/year industry. We dive into the anatomy of demons in this conversation. Thanks for watching. Jerry has a new book coming out. I hope I will come back and edit this description when it is released. I consider it important work for us all to absorb to better understand consciousness. I write about demons in my book: Blueprints of Mind Control From the video:
Carl Wickland – 30 Years Among the Dead – Tesla's Violet Ray: Sherry Swiney Interview of Freeman TV: Jerry Marzinksky Interview of Freeman TV:

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