CDC “Whistleblower” Removed 2014 “Whistleblowing” Statement in 2017

CDC senior scientist William Thompson has confirmed to Autism Investigated that he removed his 2014 statement about an alleged disagreement with coauthors of a 10-year-old vaccine-autism study. In fact, it has been removed from his attorney’s site for years. Archived webpages show it has not been online since March 2017, while the newly inaugurated Trump Administration was still deliberating over who to appoint CDC Director.

Pressed further on why the statement was quietly removed, Thompson evasively replied:

My lawyer didn’t think it was helpful any longer and advised that we take it down. We also knew plenty of copies were circulating elsewhere. My opinions have not changed. BT

Autism Investigated did not ask Thompson if his opinions changed, as it shouldn’t matter since he will no longer share them through a whistleblower attorney. In removing his statement, Thompson has just confirmed that he no longer considers himself a whistleblower if indeed he ever planned to be one. Yet he also acknowledged that he continues to be misrepresented as a whistleblower throughout a movement that he has altered so significantly, which he’s apparently fine with.

The latest revelations only add to existing questions about just what Thompson’s positions actually are. Why hasn’t he removed his name from the study? Why does he remain employed by the CDC after all these years? Thompson was equally vague:

I am still not allowed to speak about the CDC internal investigation.

In August 2015, a CDC spokesman told Forbes that there was such an investigation and that further information would be provided “in the coming weeks or months.” The removal of Thompson’s statement from his attorney’s website speaks for itself.

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