Chariots of Fire


We are chariots of fire hiding behind sheepskin. We run from our reflection through the forest. We stumble over synchronicities like roots on the trail showing us we’re all connected. You’d think this would bring us comfort but there is shame in being naked. This shame must be extracted before the alchemy is done. A woman is beautiful when she is naked. She extracts man’s salt as much as his oil. The oil of man is sand in the hourglass. Every grain is a testament to worship. We cannot pause God’s witness till Sunday in a church. Every second of every day is holy communion. Time is the lamp burning in a holy place. The ego turns its own mind. We are a vortex of aether. We are pulsing, portable humanoid suns. Some call the sun evil. Some claim it’s here to give you cancer. Even the things we don’t believe we worship. We are circuits in God’s electricity.

“I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star.” – Revelation 22:16

The Greek called Venus the Noctifer at sunset. At sunrise, she is Lucifer, the rising star. She is Isis, the queen of the morning. I fought with a giant for her honor. He shook his fists and cursed the dawn as he blamed his problems on a star. I’ve watched them all rape Gaia. They cut her down at Delphi. They chopped her fingers in the grove. They cast her into the fire. They raised her to the sky. Man makes a whore out of Babylon’s virgin. She is a sacrifice of oil to extract the salt. Satan is the salt. Lucifer is the oil. Man is the wick between. We are buried in one and anointed in the other.

The hardest woman to love is Liberty. Men cast their sin between her legs like a dumpster. We curse her bringing of the dawn. She calls us with a flame to extract our fear of torches. How can a man sleep with a burning torch? This is the meaning of Prometheus. We are too afraid to trust ourselves. We insist morality is a cruise control. We are farmers refusing to plant seeds. We insist God will come and drop each one in a hole. We are maniacally retarded at liberty and compassion. We are dragging ourselves kicking and screaming into the golden dawn.

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