CHD Statement Regarding the Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccination

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) wants to alert our supporters to the following information. We offer this caveat out of an abundance of caution. We are all aware that we are challenging the dominance of a politically powerful trillion dollar industry willing to employ sophisticated tactics to protect its profits.

On August 31, a Facebook group is hosting an event called Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccination (MMAMV). Members of our movement have voiced multiple concerns regarding the integrity and intent behind the Millions March. CHD takes no position on those questions. However, open source research provided to CHD indicates that march organizers have falsely inferred that CHD is affiliated with or is benefiting from the event. Neither assertion is true.

CHD is not a sponsor nor an organizer of the Millions March and is not affiliated in any way with the organizers of the event. Nor will CHD benefit from donations from MMAMV promoters or from merchandise sales as its organizers have implied. Furthermore, Mr. Kennedy will not be in attendance. If anyone has questions regarding who is affiliated with CHD, please visit our website.

The moment we learned of these specious claims, CHD asked the organizers of MMAMV to remove mention of CHD and the Wisconsin CHD Chapter from their website/merchandise page. Because the march organizers failed to comply, we have sent them a cease and desist notice.

We also remain deeply concerned about a posting by one MMAMV organizer which appears to encourage participants to bring firearms to the event. For these reasons, we do not support the march.


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