CHD’s 5G and Wireless Harms Project: Monthly Summary, May 2020

By Dafna Tachover, Director, CHD’s 5G and Wireless Harms Project


CHD v FCC Update


Our case against the FCC for its decision not to review its 1996 obsolete health guidelines, was transferred to the DC Circuit which is where both our case and EHT’s case will be heard. The cases have been “consolidated”. However, “consolidation” of the cases by the court is strictly procedural. Each of the organizations continue to work with their own attorneys and there is no “lead” attorney to the case. Because of the supreme importance of this case and considering this is the one chance we get to stop the FCC, CHD’s attorneys and team have been working in cooperation with EHT’s attorneys in an effort to ensure the best possible outcome for the case. At the moment, our brief is due on July 1st. However, we filed a motion for an extension with the FCC’s consent. Our team has been working tirelessly on this case and we have been investing much effort and money to ensure we present the best possible case. But the price tag is high and we depend on your support. Please make a donation. We appreciate these are difficult times for many, and any donation will help.

CHD’s Campaigns & Activities


OTARD CampaignCHD Gives Notice to FCC Against 5G Cell Towers on Homes—Ex-Parte Letter Receives Over 15,000 Signatures! We submitted our supplement to the ex-parte letter to the FCC against the OTARD rule expansion to allow cell towers on homes with 15,090 signatures! It is one of the largest submissions ever to the FCC. Our 731 pages submission includes signatures of 6,231 people who declared that they and/or their children have been injured by wireless radiation! About 2,500 of the people who signed the letter added comments to their submissions. Many shared their stories and their objections which are worth reading for an appreciation of the impact upon human lives from wireless radiation. We invested a lot of time in preparing the submission. Each signatory was verified in advance of the submission to ensure the FCC would not be able to attack the integrity of the signatories as was the case with the Net Neutrality submission. According to CHD’s letter to the FCC, the expansion of the OTARD rule would violate the Constitution and upend long-standing common law personal and property rights. The FCC does not have the authority to override people’s rights to bodily autonomy and their property-based rights to “exclude” from their homes, the wireless radiation emitted by third parties.

AutismOne Conference CHD sponsored one full day of events in the AutismOne conference. We had 2 events about EMFs. Professor Paule Heroux, PhD., a Physicist and a Toxicologist from McGill University’s Medical School, presented “One Century of Increasing Exposures to Electromagnetic Radiation: the Consequences.”  He also discussed the synergy between Autism and EMFs. Dafna Tachover, CHD’s Director of its 5G & Wireless Harms Project, participated in a panel discussion.

Ask the Lawyers – How to Stop 5G – 5G Free California Webinar The Children’s Health Defense participated in a 5G Free California event.  Both Dafna Tachover and Scott McCollough participated from the CHD. Dafna gave an update about the case and the various campaigns, and Scott took part in the Q&A session with 3 other attorneys who are working to help communities stop the 5G deployment. The transcript is a very helpful action tool for activists to better understand what is legally possible in their communities and nationally. The event was also used to raise funds for CHD’s case against the FCC.

What’s All This Fuss About 5G? – A Forum on Zoom This Thursday – Readers Invited – An expert forum organized by Sujata Gibson, an attorney and a candidate to the New York State Assembly.  The expert panel included Prof. Paul Herou, Prof. David Carpenter and attorney Dafna Tachover from the Children’s Health Defense. The event was planned to help local groups fight 5G in their communities. Link to watch the discussion.

CHD Team’s Articles


The Brave New World of Bill Gates and Big Telecom by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Dafna Tachover Bill Gates’ agenda to chip us with our vaccine information is alarming especially as the FDA approved human chipping in 2004. The Corona-virus has made these concerns much more real. We checked if there was a connection between Gates’ agenda regarding vaccines and 5G. After all, 5G is largely about extracting data for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and progression towards trans-humanism which involves chipping. We looked into the financial reports of Gates’ foundation. What we found was disturbing.

Child Ambassador Project – David V. Goliath: An 11 y/o is on a Mission to Educate About 5G Harms and Protect his Mom David, an Incredible and inspiring young man I had the pleasure to meet 2 years ago, has dedicated himself to learning every aspect of this issue in order to protect his beautiful mother who has developed Microwave Sickness from wireless technology.

Important Developments


Easton Becomes First Town in CT to Ban 5G On May 7, 2020, Easton, CT Board of Selectmen decided to put the brakes on the 5G rollout and unanimously approved a 5G cease and desist resolution “until such technologies have been proven safe to human health and the environment through independent research and testing.”

Dutch Court Ruled 5G Deployment by the Government is Lawful. On 5/25 the Dutch Court Rejected the Stop5G Netherland’s request for an injunction against the government to stop the deployment of 5G. The Court said it cannot be the one to determine whether or not the ICNIRP guidelines are protective and therefore cannot rule that the Government actions are unlawful.

Google affiliate Sidewalk Labs abandons Toronto smart-city project Google drops its TORONTO SMART CITY PROJECT – Toronto’s “Smart-City” project was supposed to be a flagship project for Google and for “smart” cities. But once the elaborate plans were submitted the truth became clear – the whole project was about surveillance and data extraction involving serious infringement of privacy. As officials heading this project said: “they [Google] asked for too much.



The 5G mass-experiment: Big promises, unknown risks A wonderful video to share.



How Big Wireless Lobbied Governments to Build 5G For Citizen Data Collection and Surveillance An overview of the Telecom industry’s lobbying efforts and actions that have corrupted Federal and State legislatures and governing bodies, the media and the science, while harming our health, harvesting our personal data, creating a surveillance state and essentially harming our basic civil and human rights. Our devices are “smart” but we have been dumb and this is the price. Wake Up America.

Professor Butler: Clear Evidence of the Risks to Children from Smartphone and WiFi Professor Butler’s meta-analysis scientific review, leaves no doubt – cell phones and Wi-Fi are very harmful to children. Any doubt is a manufactured doubt by Big-Telecom just as Big Tobacco created doubt about cigarettes and purposely hooked our children.Recently, as a result of Prof. Butler complaint against New York Times, the Irish Press Ombudsman rebuked the Times for its false and misleading reports on 5G safety in violation of Ireland’s Truth and Accuracy in Journalism Standards. Children’s Health Defense submitted a case against the FCC for its failure to regulate guidelines that are protective of public health and especially children – Among the petitioners are parents of children who have been injured by cell phones, wi-fi in schools and cell towers. CHD’s Step by Step Guidelines on how to hardwire devices.

Brussels Health workers call for caution over 5G roll-out 400 Belgian doctors and 900 health care workers have signed an open letter to the government, urging them to exercise caution regarding the roll-out of 5G. They state “the evidence of its harmfulness is accumulating” and mention the WHO 2B “possible carcinogen” classification from 2011. They also quote the precautionary principle which is legally binding in Europe (though not in the US).  In March 2019, Brussels became the FIRST city in the world to halt 5G due to health effects. The city’s Environment minister said, “The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit. We cannot leave anything to doubt.

Smart tech’s carbon footprint THE ECOLOGIST: One of the selling points of “smart” technology is to reduce the carbon footprint. But this is a rather dumb idea because any benefits will not be offset by the exponential increase in the carbon footprint created. “With data centers set to have a bigger carbon footprint than the whole aviation industry, smart technology’s benefits need urgent re-examination.” This article also reviews the effects of mining for cobalt and lithium for cell phones, the use of slavery in the process, the effects of the satellite RF emissions and kerosene emissions on the ozone and the ecosystem. The writer concludes: “large unforeseen effects can come from the profitable short-termism of human interventions”.

Please support our efforts.

Your donations are used to support our historic case against the FCC and to continue work on other legal efforts. If you are interested in supporting the Stop 5G & Wireless Harms Project specifically, please select “Stop 5G” on the “Funding Options” drop-down menu. Thank you!


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